Rules and Regulations


Eligibility to Appear in the Exams
  1. Students of all classes are required to attend at least 75% of the total lectures delivered in each subject, inclusive of additional, optional subject and practical classes.
  2. Students will have to clear all school dues before appearing for exams.
  3. The final authority for sending admission forms for Board Examination will be the Principal.
  4. If any student remains absent during any of the examination, he/she will not be permitted to take re-exam.
Minimum Attendance Necessary for Annual Examination

A people may not be allowed to sit in the annual examination if he/she has not put in a minimum of 75% of the total attendance of the academic session, including attendance in previous school if the student has been admitted on transfer. The Principal is authorised to condone shortage in attendance upto 15% in special circumstances meriting this concession e.g. illness etc., i.e. permit a student with 60% attendance to take the annual examination.


To bring about coordination between the learning environment at home and school regular workshop and parent teacher meetings are held on regular basis.

Vidya Bharti Day Boarding Public School ensures that a lot of effort and hard work is put in grooming the children from childhood to adolescence and becoming the youth of tomorrow with a strict watch penetrating into their beings, affectionately.

NOTE:- Parent are not all allowed to visit their children and their teachers in the classrooms during school hours.