We want to cultivate that culture among our students which helps in the social, moral and spiritual upliftment of body mind and soul of an individual. We want to include in them sense of universal brotherhood.


we will try not only the formation of character but its establishment in the hearts of students. We will try to create such a feeling in the students—“ I was good, I am good and I will prove myself good”.


The Vidhya Bharti Day Boarding Public School staff is highly qualified, experienced and dedicated bunch of learned teachers. The students will surely be led by our intelligentia on the path of glory and hundred percent success.

Other Features of the School
  1. Free extra regular coaching in Maths, English and Science after school hours for all classes by teachers.
  2. Computer Education is mandatory for every student.
  3. A big and well equipped library.
  4. Main stress would be laid on individual.
  5. Facilities are also available for indoor and outdoor games.
  6. Transport facility will be provided.
  7. Medical facility is also ensured
  8. Clean and pure drinking water.
Yoga and Meditation

Yogic exercises do help in deveeloping body, mind and intellect. It is especially beneficial for growing children. Therefore, the school has introduced regular yoga classes in the morning to enhance concentration, memory development and emotional control of the students.


Eco Club is an association of students and teachers of V.B.D.B. School are concerned about degradation of environment and having and are having an inner urge and self motivation to create awareness among their peers, locality and society about the various steps that can be taken to prevent an ecological catastrophe. It organises various activities like plantation, debates, speeches, slogan writing and painting competitions.

Educational Trips

In additon to the regular creative and cultural activities mentioned above excursion and educational trips also form a regular feature of the school curriculum. These trips inculcate team spirit, comradeship and self confidence. They greatly help in overall personally development of the students. Keeping all these objectives in mind students are taken out on visits to the places of historical, scientific, geographical and cultural significance.